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Taskforce Warhound


Formed around a sizeable core of the subsector fleet, Taskforce Warhound is an operational name for combined fleet elements from the Anton Antecedent subsector fleet, along with temporary assignation of other Imperial assets. Amongst those operating at various times are Astartes fleet elements of the Stars of Dorn, Emperor's Hawks, Imperial Navy squadrons from the Sector and Ambitine fleets and Regimental mass transports drawn from the following Imerial systems: Lambda, Belmont, Braun, Clinth, Thesian Terminal and even as far afield as Richenbach (sub: ref Marathon).

Established during the events of the Melissan Secession, Taskforce Warhound's record under High Marshal Mon Kersan has been chequered. While the fighting over Melissa Solar was a success, later deployment to Monstrous during the Anchorage Annexation led to  the fleet being driven back by the forces of Waaagh Snazgutz and his mercenary allies. 

While the fleet is currently mostly operational; its ground forces have been devastated. With the loss of Anchorage, Astartes forces have disengaged, while reserve Imperial Navy forces have been deployed to take their place. The fleet is deployed in a defensive holding pattern around Monstrous, awaiting reinforcements and resupply. The Taskforce is currently at full capacity holding back porbing assaults from Waaagh! Snazgutz and Tau from Venn'Tradi.

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Anton Antecedent
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