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Planetary System

The system contains two planet of notes, Hag's World and Shzuv; both orbitting the binary star Tamar and Tamar Min.

While technically classed as a Civilised World, Hag's World is widely known as a dangerous and violent planet; filled with recidivists, doom-sayers, smugglers and other assorted scum.

The entire planet is dotted with independent townships; each vying with the others for supremacy and power. Despite this, the planet produces some of the best soldiers the sector has to offer, with officers who are both tactically brilliant and personally psychotic.

Hag's World has the highest rate of regimental recruitment in the sector; producing more armies than it can effectively equip. The Governor, Lucian Lucius Tyrannicus, sees this as little more than an opportunity to produce better trained regiments; deploying groups of recruits from rival townships against one another in a bid to fire his troops in the furnace of conflict and struggle.

In contrast, Shzuv is a sparsely-populated world of scrubland and heath. Rumours of forbidden rituals haunt this misty planet.

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Anton Antecedent
Imperial Sub-sector
Hag's World

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