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Splinterfleet Cerastes


Were it not for a rote picket-sweep conducted by anti-piracy craft in the Grovsenor system, Cerastes might never have been discovered; and have drifted through the sector entirely. Detected by pure fluke, a mass of inert objects was picked up and revealed to be organic tyranid hiveships – a splinter of Hivefleet Dagon that is believed to mark the tyranid's most coreward advance into the sector thus far. 

The ships of this splinterfleet are believed to have either drifted slowly corewards from the galactic rim, or descended from above the galactic plane. Currently dormant, the fleet has been demarcated for a xenocidal campaign; as of M41, the Ambitine Fleet is preparing for conflict before the tyranids awake.

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Anton Antecedent
Imperial Sub-sector

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