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Planetary System

Verboten is a Fortress world with a relatively heavy Inquisitorial presence. Its naturally pretty surface is made bleak with forbidding retreats and hardground. The grim-faced Guardsmen that patrol this world are supported by regular expeditions from the Emperor's Hawks Astartes Chapter. The world's presence guards against the minor warpstorm Quandry.

A green and pleasant civilised world, Sigma-Agria supplies regiment of homo sapiens rotundis – Ratlings – to the Imperial Guard of the sector. These regiments occasionally work as pure Ratling regiments of the line, but are more often broken up and seconded to other regiments, as in the case of the Sigma-Agrian Sharpshooters attached to the 3rd Army during the events of the Shale campaign.

The Sigmatine Quandry is a minor warprift that hangs in distant orbit around the Sigma star. While the gravitational forces are broadly understood, nothing involving the warp can be fully predicted. Quandry orbits exceedingly slowly, travelling around the star once every five centuries. It has currently only just left its aphelion position.

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