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Planetary System

Located near Junker Space, Richenbach is a small and unpleasant system and provides both men and materiel for the Imperial war effort throughout the sector. Far from shipping lanes and trade routes, and producing little of value beyond manpower, the inhabitants of the Richenbach system is known as a backward, inward-looking populace. So close to ork space, and without the support of subsector fleet that Indrine and other more important systems enjoy, raids are near-constant. All-out warfare and civil unrest are common.

Kobold – Made of nearly ninety per cent sulphur, Kobold has a thin and malodorous atmosphere, which has earned it the nickname 'Auld Stinkhorn'. The inhabitants have developed thick skins; both metaphorically and literally! The capital, St Ana, exports the system's only major produce, Ropatin-pattern lasguns.

Eris – The Hollow World. Despite remaining the most massive world in the sector, Eris is a mere hundredth of its original mass: eight thousand years of strip mining has reduced this cuprous planet to a shell. Numerous astronomers and techpriests have observed that the outer planets of the system have started to show eccentricities in their orbits. If this gravitational weakness can be attributed to the harrowing of Eris, it could doom the entire populace in years to come.

Marathon – the most populous world in the sector, Marathon is an immense hiveworld, whose crushing gravity and miserable life expectancy produces good recruits for the Imperial Guard. A fortress world, Marathon is frequently disturbed by uprisings and riots, the majority of which are brutally put down in short order. It has one major satellite, the moon of High Mourn. By dint of its small size and location at the edge of the system, the moon is a near-deserted monitoring station for the system.

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