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Planetary System

Supplying a huge proportion of the militaria used by both Anton Antecedent and Invictus, the forges of the worlds in this system burn hot throughout the day. Unceasing toil is the lot of millions of indentured slaves who compete for favour and mono-lobotomy, the only legal escape from the crushing pain and tedium of their lives. Beyond the crush of the hive-forges, the planets are storm-wracked and inhospitable, though not Death Worlds in the true sense. 

The system as a whole is defended by two rival Titan Legions, designated Legio Salmoneus and Legio Sisyphus, who are both nominally based on Prometheus Forge.


Prometheus Forge  is the primary forge of the system; and one of many hundreds of planets listed with the name across the Imperium. It is a common enough name for Forgeworlds – it has become shorthand for merchant vessels and the Munitorum to refer to Forge Worlds as 'Prometheans' as a nod to their primary import – and for many Magi, one name is as good as another. The Adeptus Mechanicus often show short shrift for fleshvoice. Why differentiate with inefficient flapping of vocal cords when a unique datablurt provides enough information to distinguish between every Forgeworld in existence; past, present and rumoured?

Skova-Mor Religiosa  is notified a 'primary domain' by the Electropriesthood, and its dense atmosphere is predictably stormy. Its numerous technocathedrals and famed gaussian canticle choirs draw pilgrims from lightyears around – and unusally, from beyond the Adeptus Mechanicus. Dignitaries of the Munitorum, Ecclesiarchy, Arbites and other important Imperial departmentos are often entertained here, making it an unusually sincere symbol of unity between the Empires of Terra and Mars.


Martinet  This minor Forge World is famed not for the bulk of its output, but its artistry. The work of the artisans and artificers of Scova-Blanc is well-known throughout the sector; and their accoutrements and decorations are highly favoured by the Imperial military. 

Port Corinth Properly titled +C-Intake+, the Port grudgingly accepts the Imperium's unofficial designation as 'non-breaching informality'. A merchant port, a glittering array of docks orbit the dying dwarf planet below, which has been wracked and hollowed out over millennia. The Adeptus Mechanicus maintains a permanent defensive arc fleet amongst the many superorbitals, the only armed naval presence they will permit in the system.

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Anton Antecedent
Imperial Sub-sector
Prometheus Forge
Skova-Mor Religiosa
Port Corinth

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