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Melissa Solar

Planetary System

Populated since time immemorial, the Melissan system was re-contacted by humanity during the glory days of the Great Crusade; and the capital, Melissa V, is one of the few planets to have been graced by the footfalls of two Primarchs; Roboute Gulliman of the 13th legion, and Alpharius of the 20th.


Isolated from the Horus Heresy by the Ursus Magna warprift, the Melissan system provided the Imperium with millennia of loyal service. In the closing years of M41, the decidedly liberal and open-minded Imperial Governors of the system were accused of harbouring, trading with and even allowing colonisation by Xenos. These accusations were generally dismissed by sector government, but the reports grew thicker with every passing year.


The system's prosperity and power fuelled the inhabitant's heretical dreams of democratic self-government, and William of Cuun, Planetary Governor of Melissa V, publicly expressed admiration for the Forbidden Governor of Old Republica - a dangerous heretic who attemped secession from the Imperium in the 37th Millennium. Worse, two other Imperial Governors in the Melissan system followed suit, posting defiant votes of confidence in Cuun.


Four Inquisitors, one of the Ordo Xenos, one of the Ordo Hereticus, and two of the Ordo Invigilatus were posted to monitor development of the potential rebellion.


Taskforce Warhound was formed from loyal subsectors, and deployed in system, leading to the battles of the Melissan Secession, which culminated in an eventual Imperial victory.

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