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Planetary System

This remote system, on the border of the Anton Antecedent subsector, is of little strategic interest. Four rocky planets orbit the faint star 'Longing', and three are inhabited by planets which operate under the auspices of the Adeptus Antona Australis; the local branch of the Adeptus Terra. The planetary population of all three is largely engaged in record-keeping and maintenance, and it provides its tithe through sending its experienced Maioris Scribes and Primus Auctrices to audit other planets.

The system has little to recommend it beyond the monument to the Scribe Wars, an M33 conflict towards which this system contributed heavily. This contribution escalated after Hebes Minor was invaded by enthusiastic farming settlers from elsewhere in the subsector in the belief that – because the population was listed as underscribes (a term sometimes used in slang across the sector to mean useless detritus) – it was uninhabited. The population of roughly seven billion officiaries and deskdrones rose up in armed conflict when the farmers began to harvest what they were advised was 'unusually vocal and active local flora'.

This location is part of

Anton Antecedent
Imperial Sub-sector
Hebes Maior
Hebes Minor

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