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Planetary System

The Lambda system lies in the sparsely-occupied north-eastern quarter of the Anton Antecedent subsector, an area beyond the reaches of the Boten Cloud Nebula. This leaves the only defence from the Scallop Stars being simple empty space. As a result, the worlds of the system often see battle against ork raiders.

Lamb's World is the only principal planet. A rainworld, whose main export is liquid water, its inhabitants have altered over recent centuries from nomadic tribes to forming permanent dwellings. Three large cities are the Lamb's Worlder's happiest boast – the capital Myrffn, cosmopolitan Pant-y-Gyrdl and Little Haven.

The planet harbours a strong feral ork presence in and around the equatorial mountains and deserts; and the Imperium conducts regular firesweeps to control the swelling and dangerous population. Recent Imperial development means that the booming planetary infrastructure is making this considerably more achievable, and some projections see the ork tribes wiped from the planet within fifty years.

By long-standing tradition, Lamb's World PDF regiments are only promoted to Imperial Guard regiments after successful completion of prosecuting a campaign against the Equatorial orks.

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Anton Antecedent
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Lamb's World

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