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Hakkachack Pickets

Planetary System

An artificially created Asteroid belt to the galactic south of the Boten Cloud Nebula; constructed in recent centuries to protect Hakkan Ghak-Jahk-Jkah. From conjecture, and the studies of Interrogator Pharrel (under the auspices of Inquisitor Veck), the Ghak-Jahk-Jkah translate roughly as 'Holy (or Divine) Footsteps', and mark the areas the Hakka believe their gods stood sentinel to protect the Hakka as they developed.

Hakachack Homeworld of the Hakka, a short and belligerent species, noted both for their violent odour and provocative nature. Despite a precociously high level of military-grade technology, the Hakka have only made short intra-system space travel; preferring the company of their own race - and preferring to fight amongst themselves.

Cakka Little is known of this world beyond its massive iron content, which runs to eighty per cent of its mass. A Hakkan stronghold.

Hackanacker Traditional proving ground of the Hakkan military (i.e. all of the Hakkan); this planet is nearly always wracked by nuclear or chemical warfare.

V-V-7 The nearest Imperial-controlled planetoid to the Hakka conclaves, V-V-7 is home to seventy or so techpriests, scientists and support staff who observe the fluctuations of the Boten Cloud Nebula.

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Anton Antecedent
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