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Planetary System

Containing the capital planet of the system, Grosvenor VI, this subsector is heavily guarded by the sector fleet. Battleships Foeslayer and Sebastian Thor are permanently tasked with the protection of the system.


Grovsenor I – The first planet to be brought to Complicance during the Great Crusade, Grosvenor I was the only planet in the system to remain loyal during the Horus Heresy. Like Grovsenor II and VII, this is a Civilised World. An unusally high proportion of psykers are levied from this pink-skied world, and it is famed for the quality of its astropaths. Appearing almost perfectly blue from space, Grovsenor 1’s inhabitants all inhabit suboceanic cities. The world provides most of the system's protein needs from its rich oceans.

Grovsenor II – While the ruling elite hold court on Grosvenor VI, the day to day duty of running the sector falls to the administratum planet of Grosvenor II. Here all the taxes, tithes and duties of the surrounding systems are calculated and recorded. Without the tireless work performed here by the tax adepts tributes would not be collected, aid would not be sent, and the economy of the sector would grind to a halt.

Still officially categorised as a grade 8 bureaucracy planet, Grosvenor II is on the verge of being reclassified as a hive world, so vast has the population of bureaucrats, menials and scribes become. The largest of the hive cities is Lorysia, seat of the High Administrator as well as several important space ports. A Genestealer infestation was recently uncovered in the depths of Lorysia's underhive by Inquisitor Zelial**, who was later forced to call in support from Captain White Eagle and his Deathwing. Together they managed to cleanse Lorysia of the xenos cancer eating at its roots.

Lunedown – Originally titled Grant’s Swell after an unpopular Governor, the planet’s current name originates from a catastrophe that occurred during the Age of Apostasy, when the giant’s third moon, Will's Key, was knocked out of orbit and into the gas giant by a massive nuclear accident on the planet’s surface with the loss of all residents. This massive gas giant supports two remaining moons: De'bay and Clossette.

Clossette is the home of many eldar shrines and – so the more wild rumours have it – a disused portal to the Eldar’s mysterious galaxy-web. It also has an old network of extensive mining tunnels. The presence of Astartes from the Space Wolves chapter has been rumoured inside Closette, but as no ships have been monitored coming out of the moon, this has never been confirmed.

Debay was an old haven for pirates until purged. Now it is a relatively lawless haven for mercenaries willing to work for the highest bidder (in the name of the Emperor, of course). Debay has a very thin atmosphere and small settlements, no one would choose to live here.


Anchorpoint – Built on the support of a minor in-system planetoid, Anchorpoint is an immense grav-stable dock. It holds an astral-synchronous orbit directly in a tributary of the Hyperion Warp Corridor – the main artery into the system. Anchorpoint is the most powerful fortress world in the sector, home of the sector fleet and crawling with tens of millions of Imperial Guardsmen.


Sedna – Almost completely deserted, this Dwarf Planet is a deathworld is almost uninhabitable owing to an atmosphere resembling corrosive mustard-gas. Its satellites, Sedna Minor, lashed by chemical rains, are home to many Mechanicus shrines. The few inhabitants that remain cluster stubbornly in the shadows of the world-mountains, and provide service to the Imperial Guard.


Grovsenor VI – Capital planet of the sector, Grovsenor VI is a mass ecumenopolis, its cities stretching from pole to pole and even into orbit. The governer's capital spire is renowned throughout the sector for its famous stratospheric gardens. Created by one of the Governor’s more eccentric ancestors (the Governor Drblon) at the expense of tax revenue, Grosvenor VI's gardens are opulent even by Imperial standards*, and occupy several whole levels of prime real estate in the upper hive. Several centuries previously, a cult was exposed within the Gardener’s Guild of Grosvenor VI. The cults’ members were all hanged in full view as a warning to all who might consider a similar course of action. Since this action, the place has been referred to as the Hanging Gardens of Drblon. The direct safety of the planet falls to the Rosetta Defence Array, a vast orbital station (pictured).

Plutarch – Second only to Grovsenor VII in importance and influence, dominance of the sector has switched between the two worlds. During the Age of Apostasy, the hierachy of Plutarch embezzled vast funds from the sector to fund private armies. It is rumoured that key people still own, purchase and maintain private armies on Plutarch including a member of the Imperial Inquisition with connections to the PDF. It is uncertain why an Inquisitor would want to maintain a private army when his powers allow him to obtain the services of any imperial garrison, but the rumours refuse to clear. Plutarch is also an Ecclesiarchical stronghold, with numerous pilgrimage sites that incude the Cathedral Oltiman, the Gethsemanean Gardens and the official residence of the sectorial Ecclesiarch, Arimas Thorn.

*The cost of building the gardens was so great it came close to rivalling the annual Star of Dorn ammunition bill!

**Zelial headed up a tri Imquisitorial council which also included Inquisitor Vo

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