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Planetary System

Discovered by a subfleet of the Ambitine front in the second year of the Fourth Great Purge (M37.779), the presence of the Cleio system was a huge surprise to the advancing Imperials. A surging gravity well from the corewards Dog Roks had swathed the star's heliosphere for centuries – perhaps millennia – making it all but cloaked to the Imperium. The system, predictably, proved to be boiling over with orks.

Sybatron – From orbit, this planet has the appearance on being covered in a massive world-city, with straight-sided skyscrapers reaching to the sky. In fact, the planet's surface is mostly composed of immense crystalline structures of great regularity, many of which the inhabiting orks have hollowed out for use as sturdy bunkers. Warfare on this world is best left to urban specialists.

Jellaboom – A small rocky planet, which contains many Pique Lümen artefacts; most carved directly (and indelibly) into the glittering surface.

Koblenz – Boiling lakes and the spiteful, poisonous semi-sentient vegetation called spikers dot this desert deathworld. The Half-Moon Marauders rule this world.

Talon – Bolthole of the Ghostface Murderers after the death of Morgoth during the Eorta Crusade, the survivors have secured their fastnesses and are attempting to return for a second try at Hesiod-Siculus...

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The Scallop Stars
Xenos territory

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