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The Cell of Revulsion

Large spacecraft

The infamous Warlord Gorkanozian and his pet Big Mek 'Admirral' Tarkork of da Stormtroopas tribe are known throughout the Antona sector for their command of the terrifying Space Hulk Cell of Revulsion – known to the orks as Da Deff Star.  Believed destroyed some centuries before during the Infancy Crusade, it became increasingly clear that Tarkork had been steadily rebuilding and reinforcing the craft – now the size of a small moon – from the salvage of large-scale fleet battles that occurred deeper within orkspace space in the years before the Fourth Great Cull.  

The world of Urartu in the Rodhull system brought the full terror of the situation home to Lord Commander Ultima Abattol and Admiral Kars. Expecting a lightning victory over the few ork inhabitants of the minor system owing to the overwhelming numbers of the veteran Guard regiments from Bothan they had deployed, they and the rest of Imperial Command were horrified when a lone shuttle bearing fewer than a hundred tattered survivors of the regiments limped back to the fleet.

Reporting that a moon-sized craft had lumbered into orbit and systematically scoured the planet of life – both ork and human – the Bothans stated that the craft had continued moving out-system towards Tonnabruggias. It became clear that Tarkork was intent on using the Space Hulk as a weapon of fear to extort ‘protekshun money’ from a number of defiant Imperial words at the edge of the Scallop Stars.

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