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Planetary System

Located in the mid-west of the Anton Antecedent subsector, along a busy spacelane from that bears subsidiary shipping from the Hyperion Warp Corridor's Corewards entrance, the Belmont system contains a number of planets of interest.

Belmont 101

Renowned for its export of archeotech equipment, and a place of pilgrimage for Magi Errant of the Adeptus Mechanicus, this pleasant planet is watched with greedy eyes by the Tau of the Brightsword Protectorate. An important diplomatic planet, the world is deemed Strategia Prioris, and afforded the highest defence levels.

Moons of Trago

A series of satellites orbit the gas giant Trago, and all are boistrous places. Many traders, merchants and members of the Imperial Guard use these moons for recreation and relaxation, and the synthale and past-times are known throughout the sector.

Osborne North

An abandoned and shadowy place, this dismal planet is cold and inhospitable. Long-forgotten battles have left the planet with a gloomy atmosphere, while rumours of ghosts and spectres are common amid the superstitious populace.

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Anton Antecedent
Imperial Sub-sector
Belmont 101
Osborne North

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