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Ambitine Fleet


The sectorial fleet, Battlefleet Antona Australis, seldom gathers as one mass. Rather, each subsector maintains a standing defence force, while elements from the sectorial Battlefleet patrol the edges of wilderness space.

Established after the events of the Cascade Wars, the Ambitine fleet, from the High Gothic for 'edge', is amongst the largest permanent grouping of ships from the Battlefleet. Bound to Anchorpoint in the Grovsenor system, and with Varan's World in Magna Grecia, the deployment acts as a watchdog for the critical length of the Hyperion Warp Corrido; guiding merchant shipping and guarding against the depredations of pirates, xenos and other threats.

The deployment is currently nearby the doomed Craftworld of An-Angau, having been moved from picketing Soon Gone on the rimwards edge of Anton Antecedent space. Who now will search for for prowling forerunner ships from Hivefleet Dagon, or prevent Tau envoys from further penetration into the subsector?

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Anton Antecedent
Imperial Sub-sector

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