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Planetary System

99-Alpha is one of the oldest colonised systems in the sector and it retains its pre exploration sector designation.  Various attempts have been made to change its name including most notably during the Scribe Wars but these have all been thwarted usually either for administrative reasons or more recently in order to avoid reclassification alongside the additional tax burden that would come.  Although one of the oldest systems in the sector (from a human perspective) it has seen very little growth over the millenia long functionaing as an agri world exporting foodstuff including to the nearby Forgeworlds.

Recently, in stellar terms however, the system has seen significant growth and has grown over the previous 500 years into a booming hive world.  Due to its relative youth and a fortunate combination of weather the capital planet has also remained relatively unpolluted allowing only laboured breathing on most of the surface (except the deadzone near the hives).  Its growth is attributed to a combination of nearby demand (from the forgeworlds), good leadership and an abundance of newly discovered natural resources.

The capital of 99-Alpha is New World and its governer is seen as a sterling example of how an Imperial Governer should behave having paid and in many cases overpaid his tithe as well as 'encouraging' nearby systems to behave similarly.   As a result Governer Cayne, the charming and handsome system governer is also at least informally seen as a regional governer.  The governer has taken great pride in modelling good leadership, not lusting for greater power or slothful in his imperial duties.  His rivals envy or sometimes fear him but they all respect him.


New World - the capital planet.  A solidly built hive world that has seen little recent conflict and whose surface remains mostly habitable.

Hamlet - A low gravity agri world which has not seen the same growth as new world but nonetheless exports moon grapes, seen as a delicacy of the glutonous nobility, sought after greedily also by the Tau for their intoxicating nature from chemicals which are inert to humans.

Anser - A small mining population as well as a tourist spot on the far side which is often used locally to admire the twice yearly beautiful but deadly emerald snowstorm.  Gravity sometimes malfunctions here as is testament to a number of crashed civilian ships and even some military vessels, including on inquisitorial vessel whose inquisitor is missing, presumed dead.

Anger - A red gas giant which perpetually seems like it is about to explode.


<Excerpt of text intended for transmission to Inquisitor Veck, not transmitted, inquisitor MIA>

All is not as it seems on New World, at first I welcomed the governers assistance in my investigation but I soon begun to suspect that something was wrong from the bottom to the top.  Several things struck me as very odd. 

Why was cult activity so negligible?  Every large world has it but is it possible for cult activity to be suspiciously low?  Or perhaps controlled in some way. 

How had the governer lived so long?  It seems even beyond the standard rejuv treatments and still he retained not just functionality but youth even.  He retained several advisors at least one of which seemed to draw a complete blank on my background checks.

Why was the governer so keen on paying the tithe in manpower or even overpaying when there was substantial bounty available in argicultural produce?  It was this last point which seem to hold the darkest secret, before each tithe the men and women of the Astra Militarum would undergo some sort of highly secretive off hive training program, I was not permitted to interview any of the most recent tithe that left the system.

And finally why was the governers support so near to universal?  The usual backstabbing hive politics was almost entirely missing.

As i continued my investigations I soon discovered at least part of the terrible truth.  It involved a Space Marine by the name of Nikolai and one of the Hive princes...

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