Notable Military Force

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Lastrati 3rd Rifles

Notable Military Force

The 3rd Lastrati Regiment (mobile) are distinct from other regiments by their extremely diverse ethnic makeup; being composing of hivers from Lastrati, urban cadians, and the remnants of the 51st Valhallan regiment.

The regiment's heavy armour sustained near-complete loss fighting orks on the swamp moon of Moribund, and have since been replaced by 'borrowed' pdf armour from the planets they are mobilised to protect. Under the leadership of Colonel Carson, the regiment has been turned into a highly mobile rapid response unit, able to get to any troubled hotspot very quickly.

The regiments most notorious act was the 'rescue' of the Lambs World XV Rifles (on Lamb's World in the Anton Antecedent sub-sector) who had surrendered their post due to running out of food in their fortification. No sooner had forces from the Hunter Cadre Hun'k been defeated, than Colonel Carson ordered the execution of every single member of the detachment for desertion to the Tau Empire, with the confiscated equipment being used to rearm the depleted XXVII and CCCX Lamb's World Regiments.

Specialisation: Urban combat

Notable Battles:

Orks, Darius 347

Space Wolves, Medusa [friendly fire engagement]

Successionist discussion has been rumoured amongts this oversized regiment with commisars trying to track down its cause and is in danger of leaving the 3rd in dissaray or worse.  Demoralised after defeat at Anchorage, this could very wel tip the fragile balance...