Notable Conflicts

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Decimation of the 15th

Notable conflict

Date: 9403998 M41

The Lambs World XV Rifles, known as the Lost Regiment on the infrequent occasions this ill-fated regiment is mentioned, was entirely executed by another regiment – the 3rd Lastrati – for cooperating too closely with Xenos. 

The remains of the regiment had surrendered themselves to the Tau due to food shortages and had been spared until it was found out that the surrender was entirely voluntary, after which retribution was swift. The battle itself was a pyrrhic victory for the 3rd as the Tau task force had accomplished its objectives on the world and withdrew slightly ahead of schedule (with additional losses).

The number 15 has since become an unlucky number for many Lamb's Worlders (although some wear it as an act of defiance) and the regiment was never recreated.

Colonel Carson has since been recognised and awarded the Honorifica inquisitorius for his actions on that day by the Ordo Xenos.

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