Notable Military Force

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Blood Axe Shooty Boyz

Notable Military Force

The Blood Axe Shooty Boyz are a warband comprised almost exclusively of Orks from the Blood Axe clan. The Shooty Boyz have a long and proud history, first appearing in Imperial records in M32 as a footnote in the records of the Great Crusade. The scholars of the time believed that they fled to the Antona Australis sector after the fall Ullanor, only to be harried further when Imperial crusading forces reached this sector, finally seeking refuge in the relative safety of the Scallop Stars. This notorious area of Ork-infested space proved an ideal base for the following millennia of raids against the Imperium, Tau and hard fought battles with other Ork clans.

The Shooty Boyz of today are thought to bare little, if any, direct relation to the tribe of M32. Particularly famous Ork warband names are known to be passed on by inheritance, conquest and sometimes to cover gambling debts. It is likely that the Shooty Boyz name has changed hands many hundreds of times down the long years, so the strictly speaking the current warband is unlikely to be directly related to the one that first came to this sector. In terms of combat ability the Shooty Boyz could be described as an "open-minded" Ork warband, being willing to participate in all methods of warfare and destruction. They do however have a slight preference for the use of large calibre weapons and up-gunned vehicle formations, probably due to the large number of Mekboyz in the warband.

As M41 draws to a close, the Shooty Boyz are under the command of their latest (and he would say greatest) leader, Kaptain Nuzzgrond - raiding shipping, hiring their services to anyone willing to pay and just generally causing mayhem. For the time being at least, they are allied to Waa-Snazgutz.