Notable Conflicts

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The Mirror Plains Defence

Notable conflict

[Lexmechanic's note: Prior to the larger-scale campaign of the Antine Front, Imperial and Tau forces engaged in a series of probing skirmishes. While not part of the Farpeak's End campaign proper, these notes are recorded here for completeness.]


Border skirmishes on Nnuutuu have escalated in recent months following the abandonment of Siculus and the exile of the Hesiod-Siculus sub-sector government.


Pessimistic intelligence reports suggest that this is a result of the detection of the government's government's presence by agents sympathetic to the tau Brightsword Protectorate. As a result, elements of the Lamb's World CCCX regiment has been deployed to the planet.


The guerilla campaign waged by the Lamb's Worlders (aided significantly by the local PDF) has had a significant deterrant effect on tau forces, driving off all hostile landings so far in a series of small-scale skirmishes. The only two major conflicts of this campaign have ended with Imperial victory in each; the StarBlade cadre being driven off with bloody noses in both cases.


The first occurred a few months after the arrival of the exiled Hesiod-Siculus Government, and was a tense shoot-out in the outskirts of Winjawe, a large manufacturing town and stronghold of the Imperial defence.


The second was a much larger affair, occurring out on the Mirror Plains, with the Lamb's Worlders achieving a near-complete massacre of the tau elite drop troops in a well-laid ambush.