Notable Conflicts

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Carypit Purges

Notable conflict

Chapter Master Nuñez of the Sons of Spectra is recorded lost with two companies of the Chapter while on campaign against the orks of the Scallop Stars in M32 when their battleship Light of Reason never returns to the Fortress Monastery hidden deep in the polar mountains of Carypit, the Chapter's ancestral homeworld.

An ork invasion of Pellucidas, protectorate of the Sons of Spectra, forces the Chapter to temporarily abandon their recruiting world Carypit. Seeing his beloved homeworld fall to the invading orks, Chapter Master Kambyses' dying order is for the world to be retaken. Lost in combat, his words are difficult to hear, and his order is interpreted very differently by Captain Framer and acting-Chief Librarian Codicer Tormenn – the Chapter's remaining ranking officers – as the remnants of the Chapter retreat into space. Over the course of five hard years, the Chapter wipes out the ork fleet presence, and begins to land on Carypit, where the orks have entrenched.

Having retaken their Fortress Monastery and cleared the planet of orks, the Sons of Spectra begin a hard recruitment drive. An Munitorum group arrives in-system, having set out to confirm reports that the orks have been contained and expunged. One or more of the group are later claimed by the Sons to be agents of the Inquisition.

Tensions run high amongst the Sons of Spectra. A power struggle has arisen between Captain Framer and Chief Librarian Tormenn. Somehow, an orbital defence laser is fired upon. Both factions accuse the other.

The situation worsens. The hard recruitment drive has allowed both factions to indoctrinate and recruit large numbers of new brethren to their cause. Blood is spilled.

After four years of civil war, Framer and his supporters escape with a large proportion of the battlefleet. Tormenn is acclaimed Chapter Master in a morose ceremony attended by few dignitaries – although the Inquisitor Lord Thunderous Brass is present.

An astropathic distress call from Yie Emseeay is answered by a Sons of Spectra battlefleet, who refuse to respond to hails. They prosecute an isolated campaign against the invading Eldar of Cyrinth, which saves the planet. As the Sons depart, a second Sons fleet enters the system, claiming to have received a distress call. The confused planetary Governor, Uluos Fav, explains the situation. Chapter Master Tormenn immediately teleports down to the surface, where he demands telemetry data that will allow him to pursue the other fleet. 

Ghothome, an unimportant feudal world of blackpowder technology in the Pellucidas system, is wracked by thermonuclear war. Adepts of the Mechanicus in the surviving orbital cities send a distress signal to nearby Forgeworlds. Within three standard months, the signal is cracked by agents of the Inquisition. 

Inquisition members, initially seeded by Brass in the populace after his unease at the events of M34.025 and maintained by his successors, infiltrate Carypit. They are successful in excising information to gain access to the Chapter's Fortress Monastery in the Atlas Cloud Mountains, where they are confronted by a Son claiming to be 'Chapter Master Framer'. The Sons' division seems to have resurfaced. 

Chapter Master Tormenn sends word from Tenstar, where he and his men have been participating in an urgent defence against a Necrontyr invasion fleet. On Carypit, contact is lost with the Inquisitorial aides.

Chapter Master Nuñez, along with the first and eighth company of the Sons of Spectra, emerge from the warp in distant system orbit. Upon being received by Chapter Master Framer – who is only too happy to cede the title to the ancient hero – Nuñez discovers the apparent executions of the Inquisitional elements. 

Nuñez is assassinated days later.

+Classified by the Inquisition+

Inquisitors report that Chapter Master Brokos has been declared by unanimous decision. The Chapter is whole once more; though their demeanour becomes ever more inward-looking.

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Carypit Purges

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