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Planetary System

Octonia is a fay and strangely inconsistent star - its light waxes and wanes and shifts wavelengths without rhyme or reason. It is located in a pocket of the Boten Cloud Nebula in which the strange gases that hinder spaceflight are almost entirely absent. Khaine's Wrath, the smallest of Octonia's three planets, is so named because of the fate that befell its native population - a purple skinned species whose closeness to nature was expressed by using their flexible and highly decorative gentialia to mind-meld with much of the planet's wildlife. This practice so enraged a tribe of Eldar Exodites that they enlisted the aid of Craftworld Vaul Cerridwen to wipe the natives from existence. However, they neglected to mention the world's insanely high atmospheric oxygen levels. It is said that the instant the Avatar of Khaela Mensha Khaine set foot upon the world, a firestorm errupted that raged until the planet was reduced to a burnt cinder. However, merchants and credit-obsessed rogue traders are known to sift through its ashes in search of a rare mineral called unimaginium. 

Storm's End is the homeworld of House Temporis, a matriarchal Imperial Knight House whose members are also Navigators. The world was once home to the Saurthi and is still home to many chaos-tainted artifacts, which have prompted multiple attacks by both the Bale Childer and the Yu’vath. 

Hawk Turquoise is a gas giant famed for its exquisite colour. Its largest moon, Pretentior is home to an artist enclave, whose members are obsessed with capturing the planet's beauty and getting the various shades and hues of its mighty storms and cloud layers exactly right. This has to date eluded the majority of its members and those that come closest often come to a grisly end - with paintbrushes shoved up their nostrils and into their brains. The moon is also home to an mad alchemist, Ralpus Eddificus, who is obessed with the quest for the Deneb Stone, a miraculous material capable of transmuting even the plainest of objects into things of glory. However, while he seems pleased with the outcome of his latest work, gushing over the wonderful tints and hues within it, all other onlookers only see a fairly manky off-grey. 



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