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New Sarepta

Planetary System

New Sarepta is a unique system in that it contains planets which are governed and maintained by different elements of the Imperium.  This arrangement works due to strong shared interests in the maintenance of stability across both the Antona and Prodigum Os sectors.  The neighbouring sector of Prodgum Os is even by the low standards of the Imperium a war torn and brutal place at constant war with orks and the facilities of New Sarepta are in place to act as a haven and defensive facility.  It was originally claimed and named by the mechanicum leaving some of the original naming conventions in place.

New Sarepta 1 is quarantined and yet contains plenty of evidence of Imperial presence when scanned and a warp signature  Those in charge of the defense of the sector know however that the planet itself has been converted into a device whose purpose is to completey becalm a localised area of the warp preventing all warp travel and is designed to be 'detonated' near the Hyperion warp corridor if the Waagh (Waaagh Bighedd) in Prodigum Os finally overwhelms the sector.

New Sarepta 10 has been converted into an orbital defensive space station and Imperial Navy Shipyards whose main purpose is to defend the system and the Hyperion Warp Corridor and repair Imperial Navy ships coming in and out of the sector.

New Sarepta 11 is a relatively pleasent low population agri world and Storm Trooper training facilities.  Inquisitorial Stormtroopers have been spotted training here.  Life appears to be goopd for the average imperial farmer on this planet except for the high civilian collateral damage caused by the constant live fire training exercsies.  Food is mainly grown here to allow the system to be self sufficient in acse of siege.

New Sarepta 101 is a an Emperors Hammers Space Marine Staging area and ultimate retreat point for battles fought in the Prodigum Os sector.  Here, marines from the Emperors Hammers train, recuperate from injury, re equip and repair fleet vessels and vehciles and regroup for further assaults in the Prodigum Os sector.  The Emperors Hammers fleet long ago learned to be both quick and canny in order to faciliate lightning attacks (and emergency retreats) which have allowed the chapter to surivive against overwhelming odds.

New Sarepta 110 is a Mechanicus colony and defensive outpost equipped with titan legion repair and rearnament facilities for Titan forces that travel into and out of the sector through the Hyperion warp corridor.  This allows for a quick turnaround of Titans for battles occuring on the other side of the warp corridor.  It is governed by a council with a representative from each of the major Forgeworlds in the Antona sector and the Sarepta forgeworld in the Prodigum Os sector.  Its tithe is paid through unbiased requipping of machnicus forces needing to travel through the warp corridor.  A maniple of Titans is always stationed here on rotation from each of the council members.


New Sarepta 1
New Sarepta 10
New Sarepta 11
New Sarepta 101
New Sarepta 110

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