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Last Trail

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Nominally owned by the Imperium owing to hard-bitten pioneers, the origins of this artificial planetoid are completely unknown. Chronoeological evidence indicates it was first inhabited over forty-seven millennia ago. It is a place of pilgrimage for archaeologists, tech-priests and religious zealots, and boasts the largest incomplete statue in the known galaxy.

Amongst the flat and level sands, what appears to be a pair of feet stand nearly seventy cubits in height. Assuming that the figure was originally roughly humanoid in stature, the statue's outstretched arms could have touched Last Trail's orbiting satellite, Unlimited Arrogance. Last Trail marks the end of open space to the east of the sector.

Beyond it, space travel is hampered by the Boten Cloud Nebula – except through the Craven Passage, an unnaturally direct and clear route through the gas cloud. Whether the passage is related to Last Trail is hotly debated by chronoarchaeologists and technomats.

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