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Planetary System

Believed to translate as Lady Mondegreen's World, the position shown on the sector map is approximate – as with almost all areas hidden in the Boten Cloud Nebula. It was added to Imperial maps during the sixth year of the Fourth Great Purge of the Scallop Stars; though it was never fully charted. 

That the planet was the site of conflict is undeniable. However, reports and facts are frustratingly vague. It is thought that the Iron Hands Clan-Company Trago made planetfall to recoup and make ready after their earlier defeats at the hands of orks under the command of Og Throatchoppa. Believing it to be unihabited, all contact was lost between the Clan Company and Imperial High Command shortly after; and they were never seen in the sector again. Whether the understrength Company were destroyed or simply seceded from the conflict and returned to Medusa is unknown. The Iron Hands themselves answer no missives from minor Sector governments.


Intel on the planet Gadda-de-Veda is patchy. It is known to be a mostly arboreal world, covered with a variety of plant life making up dense jungles. Being so close to the borders of the dense and mysterious Boten Cloud Nebula, it is likely known to the orks of Orkspace, but whether they have ever investigated it is unknown. 

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