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Craftworld An-Angau

Large spacecraft

An-Angou loosely translated as 'False Doom' or 'False Fate' in the eldar tongue is a designation given to an empty or abandoned craftworld which has recently appeared out of the Boten Cloud Nebula heading towards the Clausentum sub sector (or the warp corridor?).  The eldar claim to have no record of the existance of the craftworld and there seems to be no reason for it to be empty.  

Long range scans show that its sophisticated auto defence systems, both on the craftworld and outwards facing towards space threats are fully operational.  The craftworld appears to have been geared up for a fight which never took place.  The warp is thin in the area that the craftworld is travelling through and it is speculated that the webway has through unknown means become functional recently, as a result it is possible that xenos and chaos activity are likely to pickup on the craftworld if they have not already occurred.  

Sensor sweeps sent from a quickly destroyed probe show a small quantity of non eldar lifesigns present on the craft world but who they are or what their purpose is, is unkown.

Inquisitor Melkizadek Vo of the Ordo Xenos (security clearance magenta) has found a way onto the craftworld and is investigating further. The secrets of the craftworld could become a powerful tool to whoever can harness them.


Vermillion clearance only – Restricted

Before they fell silent, dataincepts from Both surveillence operatives – that our honoured brother Maltheus had tasked onto Vo – decrypted a small amount of Vo's personal missives to unknown recipients. These have been processed through xenolinguists, and appear to be reports on some areas of the Craftworld. Supposition must guide us in these rapidly-developing times; but my experience leads me to believe the following are locations within An-Angau

– Personal notes, Inquisitor Veck to the Counsel Cuneate; Antona Australis sect

  • Fortress of the Void-Veil
  • The Orphic Soundings
  • Star Chamber
  • Anagogue's Halls
  • Crystal Forest of Gloom
  • The Carpal Tunnel
  • Sli-Therin's Chamber of Secrets


Vermillion clearance only – Restricted

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Initial reconnaissance report [4006475.M41] :

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Boten Cloud Nebula
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