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Planetary System

Hee-long and Dunwa, two rocky worlds that closely orbit their sun, are merchantile and prosperous. The system sits near the spinwards reaches of the Tzi'Na Enclave, on the border between the Enclave and the Brightsword Protectorate's main region. Under the traditional laws of the native Bal – a civilisation of orange-hued traders – the planets have long offered a relatively safe harbour.

The Bal have a long and distinguished history in the sector, with a formidable list of allies and a vigorous military. Their culture was, however, completely unable to combat a disastrous plague that reduced the Bal to a fraction of their former strength a scant few decades ago. Tau envoys were quick to offer the hand of friendship, and the system was incorporated into the Tzi'Na Enclave as an allied dominion. The relationship between the Bal and their new masters remains tense; though none openly voice suspicions of sabotage and intrigue against the Water Caste.


Both habitable worlds are populated by a diverse range of sapient beings. Those with inhabitant populations exceeding 100,000 include:

  • Tau
  • Xephian
  • Native Bal
  • Human (including stable abhuman populations)
  • Mandeg
  • Kroot (including stable sub-species populations)
  • Tarellian
  • Drent

In addition to these are at least two dozen other minor species, itinerant travellers and merchants. A significant proportion of the general population is made up of refugees, defectors and pioneers – and their descendants – from nearby regions. 

This location is part of

Tzi'na Enclave
Xenos territory

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