Notable Military Force

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Legio Validus

Titan Legion
Notable Military Force

ïa! ïa! All hail the God-Machines! – Culmination of the Rites of Activation

Title: The Legio Validus Ordo Titanicus
Militaris Grade: Secundus
Patent: Post-Unification, M32
Warden Domain(s): Slav-Nasr
Cognomen: Amber Kings
Allied War Houses: None
Allegiance: Fidelitas Totalis
Tincture: Amber with cerulean charges.
Charge: Arrow; symbolising directness and swiftness of response.

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The Legio Validus – known to the greater Imperium as the Amber Kings – is amongst the most ancient of military forces operating in the sector. Arriving alongside the Fourteenth Expeditionary Fleet, the Legio Victorum was instrumental in placating the sector and bringing its worlds to heel. On the founding of the sector, a Warlord Battlegroup was separated from its parent Legio – the famed Victorum – and tasked with its protection. These Warlords formed the basis of the Legio Validus; and the techpriests of the newly-founded Braun VI worked tirelessly to expand the force.
The Legio eventually adopted Slav-Nasr as their Forgeworld, defending it and the surrounding region from all-comers. Favouring no Titan pattern over any other, the Amber Kings are a flexible Legio, excluding no patterns of Engine from their lines of battle – though the specialisms of their adoptive home mean that they boast a considerable number of Reaver and Warbringer Battle Titans.

Instrumental in the defence of the local subsector against the depredations of the orks, the Legio has become adept at feigned retreats and strongly promotes personal initiative. 'Adaptation Over All' is the Legio motto. On the offense, the Legio has served in a number of the great culls in Orkspace, during which it has developed a number of survival-based customs and traditions – all intended to allow their God-Engines to return from the field of battle, and avoid being looted or field-stripped in defeat.

The Legio was implicated in the sorry affairs of the War of the False Primarch, though all records relating to that fell conflict have been lost or forgotten.

Over the Millennia since it's founding, the Legion has swollen to more than two score Titans, including the legendary Trismegistus Teutates, the only surviving founder; and the brooding Warmonger Odior Gauvisus.  

Emperor Titans

  • Odior Gauvisus – Warmonger

Battle Titans

  • Trucido Triumpus – Warlord
  • Orichalcum Graviter – Warlord
  • Trismegistus Teutates – Warlord with two Apocalypse Launchers, Quake Cannon and Volcano Cannon
  • Odio Furens – Warlord
  • Stendata Mortifex – Warlord; Volcano Cannon, Gatling Blaster and two Turbolaser Destructors
  • Illegitimata Magnificans – Warlord; twin Quake Cannon and twin Barrage Support Missiles.
  • Luminus Nox – Warlord
  • Coronus – Nightgaunt
  • Viator Decerto – Nightgaunt
  • Pilum Magnificans  – Reaver; three Apocalypse Launchers – Legate
  • Turbulens Albiorix– Reaver; Twin Gatling Blasters, Turbolaser Destructor
  • Mercato Stipent – Reaver; twin Laser Blasters, Apocalypse Launcher. Constructed in M37; first Princeps: Catachresis Iones. First combat: Grogskag system M37.779.
  • Martialis Vor – Reaver
  • Barathrum Negilans – Reaver; Inferno Gun, Apocalypse Rocket Launcher, Titan Close Combat Weapon and Sacred Icon

Known Scout Titans

  • Oryx – Warhawk
  • Orientis – Warhawk
  • Myrmidon Maiestis – Warhound
  • Ajax – Warhound
  • Maculo – Warhound
  • Thyrsus – Warhound


Gaming with the Legio Validus

Legio Validus are a loyalist Crusade Legio force for Adeptus Titanicus, and use the following rules:

  • Legio Trait: Masters of Defence
    • After being charged and attacks have been resolved, the Titan can make a move of up to 3in within rear arc at full speed, then take one point of heat.
  • Legio Trait: Elite Magos
    • Reroll a single repair dice in the damage control phase.
  • Legio Strategem: Locomotive Override (1)
    • A Titan of scale 9 or 10 can use this in the combat phase to turn up to 180 degrees and then suffer 1 point of Critical Damage to its legs. Note it’s Critical Damage, not a Hit, so you don’t advance the track.
  • Legio Wargear: Plasma Rifling
    • A global upgrade on a Titan, applying to all Laser or Plasma weaponry for 15 points. It allows you to push to give +6” to the short and long range of those weapons.