Dramatis personae

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Lt. Ossian Sarr

Dramatis personae

Acting Sargeant Sarr here is pictured during the engagement at Hoxnes III with his trademark hammer and force shield.  The Hoxnes III engagement proved to be a turning point for Sarr as he was forced to make a choice between saving his Sargeant and completing a vital mission within the ork held home system of the Emperors Hammers.  He chose to complete the mission.


Following on from that Sarr completed a tour of duty with the Deathwatch before returning to the Hammers as a Lieutenant in the 6th Banda**, the only Banda on semi-permanent assignment in the Antona Australis sector.


The hammer is a chapter relic*.  The shield is a Sarepta patten force shield produced for 2 centuries now uniquely due to the ongoing raw material crisis in Prodigum Os, what it lacks in mass it makes up for by overcharging the battery cells.  As a result of this improvisation*** when the shield collapses it can do so explosively, like a mini void shield burnout.  The Emperors Hammers have learned to adapt their shield with slight tech marine modification to direct the blast outwards which usually saves both the shield and its bearer and has significantly advantages in the close quarter ork fighting that the Hammers are used to.  A shield burnout is now seen by some members of the chapter as a rite of passage.

*As in ancient rather than OP
**The closest equivalent to companies in the Emperors Hammers
***Definitely not innovation.

Associated military force