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Saint Remuel's Rest

Planetary System

Demosthanes – A prosperous and unusally dual-classed Shrine/agri-world, Demosthanes specialises in multigrain cereal crops that go to make imibread across the subsector. Its small population resides on the temperate moon of Fafnir, and controls the servitor farmhands from on high. The remnants of the martyred Saint Remuel are entombed on the planet, where it is believed they bring miraculous prosperity and fruitful harvests. The Adeptus Sororitas of the Lesser Militant Order of the Shrouded Sight maintain a small priory and barracks here alongside a Mission of the Order Hospitaller.

El Migu – A small but densely populated world, El Migu produces highly disciplined regiments of grenadiers and tankers.

Foucault's Folly – The subsector's penal planet, this unpleasant world's high-gravity and torpid atmosphere breed discontent and an enduring hatred of authority. With no starport, the prisoners are piloted to the surface by one-way shuttle, whereupon the servitor pilot detonates the craft. Survivors are encouraged to make use of the resultant building materials before the annual cull, when local regiments are trained by hunting down any remaining prisoners.

Ballacrus – Depopulated by the explosive detonation of the crystack hives that covered its northern hemisphere. The resultant firestorm burnt away all but an unbreathable atmosphere, and the planet is now classified as a Deathworld, with a few hardened/stupid survivors eking a living by searching through waste for functional oxy-cycling units.

This location is part of

Imperial Sub-sector
El Migu
Fafnir – moon of Demosthanes
Foucault's Folly

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