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Hyperion Fleet [M37]


The Hyperion Front Purges Fleet was intended to carry Imperial Forces deep into the Rimwards flank of the Scallop stars, as part of M37 Scallop Star Purges. The much-feared Admiral Kars was Lord Commander Ultima Abattol's second choice for command, after High Admiral Leston-Zmyth was found dead in suspicious circumstances. 


Admiral Kars


Since the Hyperion Front extended furthest from the rallying point of Port Cassian, the Hyperion Front Fleet benefitted from the cream of the Antona Sectorial Fleet both in terms of the quality of the ships assigned to it, and the Captains and crews. The Hyperion Front Purges Fleet included most of the craft that had taken part in the earlier Eorta Crusade, which meant their Captains were familiar with the stellar geography and dangers of the Scallop Stars.



    Emboldened text marks their involvement in particular campaigns, along with the year.



    Famous ships of the fleet

    • Admiral Kars transferred his flag from his accustomed Retribution-class battleship Viscera to the Apocalypse-class battleship Terror in Carmine.
    • The Luna-class Cruiser, Buck's Eye, was newly-commissioned and noted as the first ship to leave its moorings, marking the beginning of the Purges.
    • The Oberon-class ship, Quality, was unusual in transporting the Rodian void warriors, veterans of the Eorta crusade, and made good on its name in the first skirmishes of the Silent War.


    Regiments of the Hyperion Front

    The Hyperion Front included a number of regiments drawn from across and outside of the Antona Australis sector, owing to the relative ease of lines of communication from the Rimwards Exit of the Hyperion Warp Corridor. The Front also contained numerous specialised and oversized regiments owing to its privileged position as the initial drive. The Lord Commander Ultima Abattol wanted the Fleet able to prevent the orks pushing rimwards, so Kars needed regiments that could hold position without immediate support.

    • Abraxan 81st Special – General Calmbrow
    • Aldebaran 144th Engineers – Colonel Icebarn
    • Apathian 18th 'Martyrs' – Colonel Culls
    • Balsene 12th Marines – Subtopin Glargle
    • Bothan 759th Scouts – Colonel Parabol
    • Bothan 760th Scouts – Colonel Lu
    • Bothan 9771st Ranging Infantry – Colonel Manie
    • Carabine 18th 'Embattled' – General Towpeé
    • Cibernum Pioneer Resistance – Colonel Scolord
    • Cambylon Armoured Cataphracts – First-Rider Tragus
    • Frigia 2nd Overlanders – General Drevton
    • Gehennan 103rd Heavy Infantry – General Pax Priman [Genyx Landings (Bearpit) – M37.778]
    • Gehennan 203rd Heavy Infantry – General Pax Tertian
    • Gehennan 234th 'Numbers' Heavy Infantry – General Pax Duodeciman
    • Lap'lan 11th Regulars – Rear Admiral de Borg 
    • Lastrati 3rd/4th Infantry – Colonel Eli van Larsen [Regiments combined for additional size for Genyx Landings (Bearpit) – M37.778]
    • Lastrati 21st Paratrooper – Colonel Bree
    • Mercian Lancers – Rubricist Anglas
    • Luigion 911th – Captain Intenduus
    • Ornithar III Infantry – [Command Origination Unknown]
    • Rodian 22nd Void Infantry – General Faram
    • Rodian 23rd Void Infantry – General Borom
    • Stortford Knaves – Patros Candlemass
    • Temperance 'Hard-Tempered' Drop-Engineers – General Brym [Genyx Landings (Bearpit) – M37.778]
    • Throne Siegecasters – General Alldone
    • Duddleigh's World 4th Heavy Infantry – Oberst Dritten
    • Yie Emseeay 'Village People' 5th Lancers - Major General Viktor Willis


    Adeptus Mechanicus allies of the Hyperion Front

    Abattol's masterful negotiations ensured no offence was caused when the Mechanicus forces pledged to the Hyperion Front were mostly moved to support the central Ambitine Front Purge Fleet. The Lord Commander made the decision owing to the speed at which the Fleet was expected to move and respond; and he wanted Kars forces to remain as nimble as they could – which necessitated few lumbering Legio Transports and the inevitable delays of dealing with the allied Mechanicus.

    • Legio Furens
    • New Mars 00th Skitarii 
    • New Mars 01th Skitatii
    • Sierra Alpha M 'Base Invaders' Skitarii
    • Sierra Alpha M II Skitarii
    • New Phenick First Skitarii 


    Ministorum forces of the Hyperion Front

    The Hyperion Front attracted huge Ministorum support from across and beyond the sector, including the visionary cult of the Optimistics.

    • Order of Umbrage – Abbess Tardy-Haight
    • Order of Sable Stars – [Command Origination Unknown] 
    • Order of the Incarnate Emperor – Canoness Terwe [Skarbad's Star (Ripoff) – M37.7858]
    • Order of Practical Application – Abbess Darwyn
    • Order of the Humble Minion – Abbess Groo
    • Order of Eternal Resistance – Canoness Ragfill
    • Cult of the Optimistics – Fryar Twamas
    • Order of Penitent Charges – Abbess Briomas



    Astartes Pledges of the Hyperion Front

    Needing to move quickly and picket huge distances, the Hyperion Front Purges Fleet welcomed the vital assistance of the Astartes. Fortunately, many Chapter Masters pledged their support, including the entire Stars of Dorn Chapter – the largest single pledge in the campaign – and significant forces from the Prodigium Os sector, including elements of the Hammers of the Emperor and the Kings Martial.

    • Carcharadons – [Command Origination Unknown] [Genyx Landings (Bearpit) – M37.778]; [Skarbad's Star (Ripoff) – M37.785]
    • Chapter Castellan – Seeker Neobas
    • Hammers of the Emperor – [Command Origination Unknown]
    • Invigilators – Marshal Staffos  [Genyx Landings (Red Fen) – M37.778]
    • Ishilites – Codicer-Astral Arkan Istraufel [Birch War – M37.778]
    • Kings Martial – Storied-Ancient Leveson
    • Sons of Spectra – Chapter Master Nuñez
    • Stars of Dorn – Chapter Master Brock Thunderbolt [Genyx Landings (Red Fen) – M37.778]
    • Valedictors – Captain Chambers
    • White Consuls – Captain Mabaloso

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