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Heyn'Am Rim

Planetary System

Regarded as the breadbasket of the region, this system was discovered by the Imperium in M38, and earmarked for forcible induction to the Imperium at least twice. In both cases, its equidistant position between two rival subsectors saw much political sabre-rattling, and the invasion was postponed.

It bears an unusual population of abhumans alongside at least two xenos species. The three species seem to have a commensual relationship, all living and working together; benefitting from each others' protection and mostly using different resources. Imperial hopes that the humans could be recovered and reindoctrinated proved fruitless after investigation found the humans to be hopelessly corrupted by intentional genehancing – hence their classification to abhumans. 

The agriworld – or rather sept – is known to the Tau as Heyn'Am, a transliteration of the inhabitants' own name. The world did not voluntarily join the Greater Good, and its population still harbours ill-will towards their new rulers.

This location is part of

Tzi'na Enclave
Xenos territory

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