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Planetary System

This system contains a number of worlds, including the primary, barely-habitable world of Djosa Tertius. It is a world of dense jungles, with some extremely ancient ruined cities dotted on it. 

The vegetation is rampant, with the exception of the cities where it is unusually not present in any significant quantity.  No large animal life is sustained and two attempts to colonise this planet have failed.

One such attempt resulted in the evacuation of survivors, many of whom had gone insane and kept complaining that the planet was ticking like a giant clock.

The planet has been quarantined by the Inquisition pending investigation.


Starfall, or Djosa Quaternary, a Feral world of plains and moorland with a thin population of hunter-gatherers, is the location of the Six-WInged Redoubt, a Gatebreakers regional Watch Fortress and recruiting station.

This location is part of

Imperial Sub-sector
Djosa Tertius
Starfall (Djosa Quaternary)