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Planetary System

Sitting on the rimwards edge of the sub sector, this system hosts a rare astronomical phenomenom – a binary planet orbiting the systems blue star, Aliath Solar. Other than this, the system is inhabited and pays its tithe through its main exports of generally suspiciously high tech goods such as void shield generator spare parts, medical products and devices such as vaccines and surgical suites. The binary planets of Airus and Aquas are both inhabited. 

Aquas is a world with low-lying landmasses and vast oceans. It has a slow rotation, meaning an Aquan day is equivalent to several Terran Standard, but its most unusual feature is the massive tidal pull exerted on this planet from its twin. This causes extreme tides and the effect from an outside observer is that there is a huge wave, or water peak travelling around the planet ensuring that once every binary rotation (several Aquan weeks) the 'wave' goes all the way around the planet. This means that every part of the planet is regularly submerged. The ecosystem has adapted to this with almost all land-based life being amphibious. When this planet was made Compliant during the Great Crusade, they found the remnants of pre-Imperial humans who were all water nomads. These people are now heavily tithed and worship the most beloved Water Emperor.

Several medical and research facilities – though 'research' is a very generous term for little progress is actually made – the term is quite 'progressive' on the Governor's behalf – have been established here and rumours abound that the planet's inhabitants are not alone and that xenos live in underwater cities miles below the surface. Surface scans do not reveal the presence of sentient life below the surface. All building and settlements have been built with a tidal shield which totally encloses said settlement at wave time (except for ground floding which always kills a few of the poorest citizens).  Narcotics are made out of seeweed and exported offworld for medical purposes as well as through a thriving black market trade.

Airus appears to be far more aquatically stable than Aquas although still exposed to severe tides. Although habitable, there are far fewer colonists on Airus mainly owing to the freak gravitational conditions that exist here. These can alter your weight from 50–150% of your standard weight without warning. This planet appears to show the effects of ancient experimentation (Sub-ref: Pre-Compliance file XXXVI: Eldar) which have caused these conditions. Several noteworthy features on the planet's surface include multiple pockets of zero gravity which cause parts of the planet such as giant rocks to simply float in the air, quite resistant to any attempts to pushthem into normal gravity zones. Research* and investigation stations exist here although so far nothing has been discovered save for ruins which point to an eldar presence millenia ago. Genetic engineering cults have been hunted down on both planets in the past and it appears to be a local problem that will not go away (right up to governer level a blind eye is turned).

Saint Capilene's Favour is a small manufacturing world with an ad mech presence and a moon with an early warning station.

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