Shale communication incept: Veck–Prosion M41.19122011

 +Decryption Key Cognicised+

+Welcome, Interrogator+

Nota Bene: Use of this channel is restricted. Unauthorised decoding of Inquisitorial channels by individuals of less than Vermillion access is verboten.


Warhound Command has once again supplied me with little more than second-rate regiments and abhumans for this exercise. Nevertheless, we've dealt with retrievals with less than this, so consider yourself Rapas Active. It's essential that we secure the Fingerbones before Starblade forces arrive.

Zelial informs me that the Ordo Invigilatus will be breathing down our collective neck; so keep the deployment of the Kroot secured until I can confirm whether you can expect the pleasurable company of Terentius. I'm delivering you command codes; liase with Springsen and get him and his inbred regiment into the desert post haste – and for Throne's sake get him to hose down those Ogryns before I make planetfall.