The Proposed Loyalty Realignment of Yoke

The Proposed Loyalty Realignment of Yoke

+++ Incoming Message
+++ Origin: Brightsword Protectorate

People of Yoke, proud children of the Braun system,

My name is Por'vre M'proh and I extend to you respectful greetings from myself as Ambassador and from the many peoples of the Tau Empire. As you may already be aware in recent years your star system has found itself on the borders of our expanding realm. This is no cause for alarm, as we are a peaceful confederation of like-minded species, all working together for the Greater Good.

This message I send to you today is a message of friendship, and an offer of a future of glorious unity. I know my Ethereal masters would be honoured to welcome the people of Yoke into the fold of the Greater Good. Through unity, all things are possible, including liberation from your distant and cruel masters on Terra.

There is surely much our two cultures could learn from each other, and as a sign of good faith our Earth caste scientists will be pleased to provide you with agricultural equipment that will quadruple your food production and half your labour in a few short seasons.
With the inevitable inclusion of the Braun system and the Hyperion Warp Corridor into the Tau Empire this sector will be safe from outside dangers; the might of our Fire Warriors will ensure this is so.

As you are doubtless aware this galaxy is a hostile one, with many dangers awaiting an unprotected planet, but you have only to look to Tau'lor (formally Dolor) to see that we are a people of our word, and that a bright and safe future awaits you.
Please consider our offer of friendship and inclusion in our Empire. We look forward to receiving your message of acceptance.

Por'vre M'proh, Waster Caste Ambassador

+++ Message Ends