Inquisitorial Warning: Hive Fleet Antona

<+++Transmission Initiated+++>

### Tactical Assessment Report ###

+++ Filed by: Epistolary Aruthas +++

+++ Recipient: Captain Kyle, 3rd Company +++

+++ Astropath-link: Primaris-Theta-Five +++

+++ Thought for the day: He who brings swift death saves reaps a postponed demise +++

### Report Begins ###

Brother, I trust this reaches you well. Initial drop-pod assault on the position our tech-priests identified as the former astral distress beacon was met with zero resistance. Casualty rate was minimal at 0.25% due to unusual atmospheric composition destroying one drop-pod engine. The tech-adepts reconsecrated the device and performed the holy rights and it has returned to service at 92% efficiency. We secured the astro-beacon tower in patrol pattern omega-VI but were surprised to discover the astropath and his support staff still alive inside the structure. He was in a state of shock and could only be heard screaming ‘THE SHADOW IS COME, I AM BLIND, BLIND!’. His incoherent babblings were bordering on the heretical, forcing my men to commend his soul to the emperor in mercy. I immediately put my men on alert status alpha, his rantings following a 90.2% match with tyranid incursion. At 1812 hours the compound was beset on all sides by hundreds of smaller <threat-level gamma and below> tyranid organisms whose appearance was almost simultaneous with sun-down <speculation: unusually photo-sensitive? possible vulnerability>. Earlier bio-scans from orbit had indicated no such creatures although there was a high level of noise due to the unusual atmospheric density. I find it disturbing that so many could have hidden from our most sacred macro-auspexes with such ease. The xenos-organisms were of such number that extraction became impossible. The comm-line to the Hawk of Fury in orbit reports a living fleet of immense size entering the system at a speed unknown for the tyranids. Our astropath, gifted with higher training and dedication than his former counterpart, reported an estimated 8 minutes until his signal would be obscured. Thus I hope this report reaches you intact. The worlds in this sector are completely unprepared for an attack of such magnitude and need not remind you brother of the implications in the loss of this sector. The Emperor be wi*$%*&*/*$%*......<message degenerates into static >

### Report Ends ###

+++ Threat Level Alpha One +++

+++ Likelihood of force elimination 98.4% +++

+++ response

+++ Forward: Inquisitor Jaxson + code alpha-delta-56-omega +++

<+++ Transmission Ends +++>