Change of Leadership

Having translated into Anchorpoint, the fleet ground its way inexorably past the shadowpoint of the massive gas giant M-M-12-12, the gleaming and pock-marked prows of the Imperial ships emerging into glorious sunlight. Ship-to-ship transmissions and shuttles zipped fussily around the majestic capital ships and escorts as the forward captains marked visuals on Monstrous, the moon shrouded by the ork warmachine.

'Brethren, Shipmasters, honoured allies,' intoned the vox-link. 'We are gathered here to behead the beast.' Captain Reesius Kyle's gravelly voice echoed down frosty corridors, into the bridges and hab-bunks of all, from Admirals to Ratings. His screen lit up with bleeped acknowledgements, spoken wishes of good fortune, sure hunting and even the cheerful machine-screed of the Mechanicus. Opening his mouth to speak again, he was suddenly interrupted.

The rolling, glorious voice of Chapter Master Ahnuld Schwarzenkegger burst across the decks, and every Imperial leaned closer to the vox-outputs to hear the Commander-in-Chief's inspirational words.
'Haiy effrybody. Zumzing has come up and, er... ai've, uh... got. To... um... Ai'll be back.'

The fleet watched in disbelief as the Stars of Dorn vessels peeled off and re-entered the warp.

On the deck of Punchintheface, the Stars' lead battle barge, Schwarzenkegger leaned back and breathed out. 'Vell, dat vos awkward.' The comms officer turned in his seat and gave him a thumbs up.
'We've got a transmission from Captain Rimmerbolt on the Kickintheballs, sir.' Being given the signal to transmit, Rimmerbolt's face appeared on screen. He grinned broadly, revealing a set of pearly-white teeth.
'Hi sir. I think that went really well!'

Schwarzenkegger relaxed and grinned broadly.
'Chu tink so? Vell, in any case, Ai'm glad chu remainded me – Ai can't belieff we nearly missed Zpring Break!'