The Brightsword Protectorate High Council

The Council is a loose body, whose members are selected by means of a byzantine and complex electoral system little understood by the common Tau. Suffice to say, membership varies from temporary assignment to a permanent role. The Council is responsible for the major decisions that affect the Protectorate as a whole; minor matters of concern to a single sept [translator's note – 'planet/system'] are left to the local governments.

Known members and honorifics:

Aun'O Si'Ot Lon, Beloved First amongst Equals – With no official powers, Si'Ot Lon is not officially a member of the council; but his influence and importance is undeniable.

Aun'El K'myar'sa, standing Chair of the Council

Admiral Coldwind, Fleetmaster General

Fio'O K'inich, Glorious Earthplanner and Benevolent Victualler of the Protectorate

Por'O Wyndbh'ag Ambassador and Voice of the Council


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