Notable Military Force

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Starfire Skybears

Notable Military Force

The Starfire Skybears are officially known as the 516th/18th Squadron of the Antona Australis Sector fleet; being a battlefield amalgamation of the badly-mauled 744th and 18th, along with the ground support from the annihilated 514th squadron.

A mix of grizzled veterans and green recruits, the Skybears are led into battle by Sky-Captain T'Moro in his distinctive Thunderbolt, Dragonfly.

The current operational strength of the squadron is:
Flight squadron Bedlam: Four Thunderbolt Fighters
Dragonfly piloted by Sky-Captian T'Moro; 
Moribund Flight-Lieutenant Herzog;
Glory Be! Flight-Lieutenant Do Long,
Damascus Flight-Officer Maher

Flight squadron Babel: Four Vulture Gunships
King Bear piloted by Captain Marwell
Sweet Patootie Flight-Lieutenant Ishmael
Vexator Flight-Officer Gearheart
Loose Cannon Flight-Officer Stilton

Flight squadron Uproar: One Marauder Bomber and one Marauder Destroyer
Liberator piloted by Captain Harris
Madhouse Captain Dietz-Armstrong

The Wing is currently attached to Taskforce: Warhound, and operational across Merryweather.