Notable Military Force

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Sigma-Agrian Sharpshooter Auxiliaries

Notable Military Force

A detachment of Sigma-Agrian Sharpshooters were disseminated amongst the third army of Shale during early actions against the Tau of the Brightsword Confederate.

The pictured Ratling has an all-encompassing camouflage cape. Their small size and short limbs, while a drawback in terms of general soldiering, make them well able to take advantage of recesses, cubbyholes and other safe places, allowing them to pursue their main objective of reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering. 

As well as a visual scope, this rifle has been upgraded with a Tiger's Eye targeting suite, providing access to additional visual spectra and atmospheric data. Some sharpshooters eschew the use of technological assistance, but this individual is clearly comfortable with the assistanc.

The Hekate-pattern sniper rifle is an excellent weapon, well capable of consistently placing shots within tight groupings. Its physical tolerances make it a reliable weapon, well-suited to the naturally gifted marksmen of Sigma Agria.

Despite their abilities as sharpshooters, Ratlings have many drawbacks as soldiers. A prediliction for theft and gambling is an unfortunately common attribute; and this individual seems to have a looted xeno artefact, perhaps taken from a defeated Eldar opponent.