Notable Military Force

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Legio Peragito

Notable Military Force

Based on the Forgeworld Gargamas, in the Starfire subsector, the Legio Peragito (the name translates to Low Gothic as Hunters) has served the Imperium well for Millennia. Staying aloof from sectorial politics and conflicts such as the Scribe Wars, the Legion has nevertheless fought in numerous wars inside and outside the Sector.

In M39, the Legion participated in the Cardinal Zight Crusade that built across the Starfire subsector and into the neighbouring Prodigium Os sector. Peragito served well, and made enduring links with Astartes of the Emperor's Hammers, a fleet-based Chapter that have patrolled the corewards reaches of the Prodigium Os sector.

The Legion has political ties to the Inquisition. While no Forgeworld – or proud titan Legion – would admit to a higher authority than the planetary Archmagos, Peragito have willingly answered the Inquisition's call over the centuries, and have more marched in support of Imperial forces regularly.