Notable Military Force

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Legio Nikator (Sons of the Temple)

Titan Legion
Notable Military Force

Title: The Legio Sumer-Nikator Ordo Titanicus
Militaris Grade: Secundus
Patent: Pre-Unification, Martian Mechanicum
Warden Domain(s): Sumer (Forge World)
Cognomen: Sons of the Temple
Allied War Houses: None
Allegiance: Fidelitas Scindere

Tincture: Terracotta and turquoise; representing the fertile land and open skies of Sumer.
Charge: Hand with Coronet – the coronet surmounting the hand on officers; and grasped in triumph on Titans, to represent the joining of man and machine.


+ Titans of Sumer-Nikator +
Emperor Titans

  • Great Hegemon

Battle Titans

  • Gaugamela – Warlord Battle Titan
  • Ipsus Granicus, known as Manifest Law – Warlord Battle Titan
  • Coropedion – Warlord Battle Titan
    • Hamilcar Syphax, Princeps
  • Senex Codomannus – Reaver Battle Titan (Hun class)
    • Teutates Polassar, Princeps Senioris
    • Adept Xhao Non, Over-enginseer
  • Tripolis Rex – Reaver Battle Titan (Hun class)
  • Megasthenes Dura – Reaver Battle Titan (Goth class)
  • Lord of Ash – Reaver Battle Titan (Hun class)
  • Dura-Yurobus – Reaver Battle Titan (Vandal class)
    • Mauryan Magon, Princeps

Scout Titans

  • Kar-zari – Warhound Battle Titan (Vandal class)