Notable Military Force

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Legio Kerberos

Titan Legion
Notable Military Force

Born from the 'holy' union between the ladies of House Nestis and the Prater Ferrum, the god-engines of Legio Kerberos are famed for their acuity. The tech-priests of Janus equip each of the Legio's titans with sensors of unparalleled sensitivity, allowing them to detect shield-song and blood's iron-salt tang with obscene ease. This owes much to the heart-hounds which the farms of the south hemisphere breed in large numbers. While it is common knowledge that many of these dogs are converted into cyber-mastiffs to aid the Adeptus Arbites, it is less known that neural tissues are harvested from the best specimens and used to augment the Legio's sensoriums. 

The Legio's strength chiefly resides in its Warhounds and its princeps are adept at pack tactics, making good use of their numbers, small size, speed and agility to flank larger engines. A favoured trick is to alternate threat-postures and weapon discharges so their foes' machine-spirits flicker between targets, distracting their princeps and stealing the vital seconds needed to shatter shields and rupture reactors.

Legio Kerberos often goes to war with close support from House Nestis. The bonds of blood between them are so great that it is not unusual for a knight to deliberately throw itself in the way of a kill-shot so that the God-Engines can continue their holy work. However, such sacrifice has been known to lead to regrettable breaches in fire-discipline as was the case when the Reaver Titan Mortiferus Dei was saved from certain destruction at the guns of the Phantom Titan (Foe-designation: Darkshade) by the loss of the Adamantine Resolve. Enraged at the death of his mother, the Lady Gorgo, Princeps Alexandros discharged all the Mortiferus Dei’s solid ammunition and fired its turbolasers again and again until the sheer weight of fire rendered the Darkshade’s holofields all but useless, turning the larger, more graceful titan into a burning hulk. Tragically, the Mortiferus Dei’s plasma reactor overloaded, killing the entire crew and leaving it shattered and broken. It would be many years before it would walk again and two experienced princeps were mind-burned trying to link with it, due to the extreme emotions of its last battles burnt into its manifold. It wasn’t until Princeps Apollo took up the challenge, his strength of will forcing the manifold to accept him as its master that the Mortiferus Dei returned to active duty. 

The Legio’s livery is a dark red, with gold trim, broken up with black and bone chequers. Its heraldry is a two faced man of noble aspect, above a monstrous three-headed hound.