Notable Military Force

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Lamb's World 310th

Notable Military Force

 The CCCX Lamb's World are a mixed regiment, including mechanised and armoured companies in addition to the common medium infantry for which the planet is famed. Led by the dour and conservative Feldmar Cnaeu Mons, veteran the regiment has fought in a number of theatres, including patrol sweeps of the Scallop Stars and shipping defence around the Boten Cloud Nebula.

Founded in M40.010112, the regiment was dispatched to Farpeak's End in the early days of M40.020113, where it has bolstered the depleted Imperial forces protecting the Siculan Government-in-Exile. Escalation in engagements with the Tau invaders and ork mercenaries has seen the Regiment performing admirably.

The regiment is otherwise undistinguished, being a fairly typical example of humanity's forces in the sector.