Notable Military Force

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Lamb's World 27th – 'Dogswatch'

Notable Military Force

The Lamb's World XXVII light rifles is an old regiment, dating back to the nomadic stages of Lamb's World's development. The PDF regiment was drafted from the Yones Kingrupp in mid M34, and earned its right to extra-planetary Guard status after battling the equatorial orks of Lamb's World.

The regiment has served under three Warmasters in various extra-sectorial campaigns, being nearly wiped out on all three occasions.

The current regiment, with new recruits drawn from Myrffin, the capital of Lamb's World is led by Caef Terentius Dresden, who led the tattered remnants of his force to a pyrrhic victory over Hivefleet Baphomet in the Defiance of Ephraim. The honorific 'Copper Hornets' dates from this time.

Though fairly lightly (and poorly) equipped, the regiment is made up of a hard core of tough veterans, and have also been deployed in the Melissan Secession under Sephran Mawl's leadership; the Damocles Gulf Crusade, where they fought the tau; and the Anchorage Annexation.

The regiment is currently understrength, and has returned to Marathon for resupply and re-equipment. With the orks triumpant in Anchorage, and the Brightsword Protectorate becoming more and more aggressive, the sector will need all the proud sons of Lamb's World it can find!