Notable Military Force

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Ibsen Liberators

Notable Military Force

Rumours abound of a gathering storm that the Tyrant of Ibsen has come back and is once again trying to liberate Ibsen and the entire sector from Imperial control just as he did (albeit temporarily) four millennia ago.

An entire regiment of PDF – formerly the New Republican 14th Heavy Infantry – have gone missing from New Republica taking with them the famed Baneblade, The Emperor's Tears which was used in the original heretical liberation capaign of M36.  The rebel governor's personal war machine, now called Relentless Revenge, is nicknamed locally the Ravager of Ibsen after its once infamous war crimes.

The regiment was stationed on Ibsen's third major planet, the commmercial hub of Trantor and disappeared during a particularly violent lightning storm which left the majority of the civilian population dead in the city where they were stationed as well as all of the regimental commisars and a few hundred infantry.

The city is now abandoned and the regiment unnacounted for.