Notable Military Force

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Craftworld Ythranmir

Notable Military Force

Also known as the guardian craftworld.

As the only craftworld still reproducing, Ythranmir is charged with the task of guarding the material realm against daemonic incursion. The farseers of Ythranmir have developed a unique passive psychic ability, reffered to as "empathic perception". Through intense meditation they are able to project their scrying powers system wide determining which inhabitants will be most likely to further the cause of the ruinous powers either directly or indirectly, intentionally or accidentally. once the key protagonists have been identified, a strikeforce is disptched to eliminate the threat.

strike forces of Ythranmir are led by a farseer whose job it is to see the true path and keep the force on target as course of their mission is buffeted by the winds of fate. 

the strength of a Ythranmir strike force lies in its guardians. the craftworld may have a far greater population than any other but due to the perilous nature of its mission, and the extreme lethality of the foes it encounters on a daily basis,  very few of them survive long enough to begin their training in an aspect. Thus the aspect temples of Ythranmir are more places of nostalgia and worship than the training grounds they are in other craftworlds.

The path of the warrior in Ythranmir is 2 fold, either they go from defender to gunner to pilot, or if they show psychic talent (as many in the crafworld do, only ulthwe has more psykers) they are trained as warrior warlocks. occasionally one will arise with the necessary tallents to be trained as a farseer. the rarest rank in the Ythranmir army is Autarch. To get there a guardian must survive long enough to be trained in all manners of warfare, so they are able to use any weapon and pilot any vehicle, if he proves exceptional at everything and, even more unusually, has no psychic ability he will become and autarch only if a natural aptitude to strategy  and leadership is displayed.

with the forces of Cadia holding the Eye of Terror, the farseers of Ythranmir have detected a potential warprift in the Antona Australis sector and have dispatched Ilthariel and Strike Force Alpha to prevent it opening, combat any daemonic incursion and eradicate any warptaint.