Notable Military Force

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Children of Polyphy

Notable Military Force

Formed around the core of the veterans of the Melissan Secession, the Children of Polyphy are a hardened force of renegade soldiers, who follow the infamous Sephran Mawl, also known as Polyphy, with fanatical devotion.

Little is known for sure about Sephran Mawl, but his infamously tough training regimen and personal courage is second-to-none; and those that follow him seem well-drilled, frighteningly creative and extremely dangerous. The majority of the Children are renegade elements of the Cambylon Brigade that fought in the Melissan Secession, which granted them the opportunity of facing a variety of foes: human, tau and ork. 

The Children include the remains of at least sixteen full regiments, including the Cambylon 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 16th, 23rd and 41st; the XII and XIII Veet Ling regiments; the Marathon 514th and armoured elements drawn from Cambylon's glassed Natstats.

All of the Children are trained as small guerilla cells, and are mixed and split between the temporary forces, regardless of the soldier's planet or regiment of origin. This makes the Children difficult to engage conventionally, and perfectly suits their preferred swampland fighting grounds.