Notable Military Force

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Anrakyr's Host – The Wanderers Eternal

Necron Raiders
Notable Military Force

Anrakyr the Traveller and his patch-work legions have journeyed deep into the Antona Australis sector in search of new Tomb Worlds to awaken. On the world of [deleted by the Ordo Xenos], Anrakyr raised a mighty Tomb Complex to full awakening, only to find its inhabitants twisted by the Destroyer Plague. Their leader, Kethla the Enduring, also known as the Scarab Lord, despite his hatred of all life, seemed taken with Anrakyr's quest to awaken his brothers across the stars and joined the Traveller's banner, bringing a host of Destroyers, Flayed Ones and two C'tan Shards to augment the slowly eroding might of Anrakyr's own legions. Kethla has proved to be for the most part a reliable ally, although he obstinately refused to aid the Amaranthine Dynasty of Hy'kos when the world of Shale was threatened by a daemonic incursion. Imperial strategists hypothesis that  Kethla's desire for bloodshed may have temporarily overridden his loyalty to the Necron species.

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